Brent Sass's Top 5 Yukon Quest Moments

Musher Brent Sass of Wild and Free Kennels has earned a reputation as the epitome of sportsmanship in the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race. Since his initial run in the 2006 Yukon Quest 300, Brent – and his legendary lead dog Silver – have saved the day numerous times. From helping mushers chase down their runaway dog teams, to guiding stranded mushers off mountain peaks during whiteout blizzards, to hooking himself into the lead dog position to drag a competitor’s sled over the top of a mountain summit, Brent Sass has proven himself a model musher, sportsman and Alaskan. Here is a look at Brent’s Best Moments from the Trail of the Yukon Quest:

2006 – Sass Leads Stuck Mushers Down Eagle Summit

In 2006, Brent and Silver competed in their first Yukon Quest race – the Yukon Quest 300. The 300 mile route over Rosebud and Eagle Summit ends at the small community of Circle and follows several hours behind the main race. When Brent and his team arrived at Eagle Summit, whiteout conditions, heavy snow and freezing rain rendered the 3,650 ft pass almost impassable. Brent and Silver guided two mushers (including one who had lost his team) down the summit. Silver broke trail through 4 feet of snow, finding the buried trail through the blizzard. The mushers who remained on top of Eagle Summit were airlifted off later that day.

2007 – Sass Reunites Yuka Honda, Runaway Team

Odd-numbered race years start in Whitehorse, with the trail going over the frozen lakes and rivers of the Yukon. Brent had to drop Silver after a shoulder injury, but came upon fellow musher Yuka Honda on the trail – with her team nowhere in sight. It should be noted that losing your dog team is a very dangerous event – both for the dogs and the musher. Sharing his sled runners with Honda, Sass ran at full speed for ten miles until catching up with the runaway team on a frozen lake. After securing the team, Brent flagged down a small airplane with news that one of Honda’s dogs had expired. This was the second time that Brent had helped a musher regain their lost team during the Yukon Quest.

Brent and a passing musher continuing down the trail after the incident with Honda.

Brent and a passing musher continuing down the trail after the incident with Honda.


2009 – Sass Helps William Kleedehn Over Eagle Summit

In 2009, Yukon Musher William Kleedehn was locked in a tight race with several other racers for the lead. When the leaders approached Eagle Summit, Kleedehn’s lead dog went into heat and the team would not go over. Another musher helped Kleedehn part way up the summit before having to continue his own race. Several other mushers passed Kleedehn before Brent and Silver arrived. Brent mushed his team to the top before hiking back down the hill to play “lead dog” and help Kleedehn over the summit.


2011 – Brent & Silver help near-hypothermic Hans Gatt over American Summit

The Yukon Quest has earned a reputation for extreme cold – especially in the creeks and river valleys. In 2011, four-time Quest champion Hans Gatt and his team went up to his neck in overflow – at fifty degrees below zero. When Gatt, suffering from second-degree frostbite, got stuck in whiteout conditions on American Summit he attempted to activate his rescue beacon. Instead, he accidentally reset it. Four hours later, cold and wet and hunkered down in his sleeping bag, Brent Sass arrived with his team. Rousing Gatt and hooking their two teams together, Brent and Silver made it over American Summit and into Eagle. According to Gatt, if it weren’t for Brent and Silver, he “might not have made it.”

First-hand footage of the 2011 rescue of Hans Gatt at American Summit:


2013 – Sass Helps Berkowitz Over Eagle

“Eagle Summit almost claimed another one,” explained Brent Sass after helping fellow musher Jake Berkowitz over Eagle Summit. The two mushers were battling for 3rd and 4th place as the race approached Eagle Summit. Arriving first, Berkowitz’s team had difficulty making it over the steep north face of the summit. Unhooking his team from his sled, Jake tipped his sled over (to prevent it from sliding down the hill) and began dragging it up the summit. Brent caught Jake soon after, drove the Wild and Free team to the top of the hill, and then returned and played “lead dog” to help get Jake’s team over the Eagle Summit.

News of the dramatic tale from atop Eagle Summit spread fast. Click the headlines below to read more:


2011 – Silver Legacy Award

At the Awards Banquet of the 2011 Yukon Quest, a special award – created to honor Silver, the lead dog who had guided Brent’s team since 2006 – was unveiled. The Silver Legacy Award will be given only to dogs whose feats on the trail reflect the sheer determination, work ethic and heroism of the award’s namesake. To date, Silver is the award’s only recipient. The award hangs in Brent’s living room in Eureka. Silver, now in retirement, has a prime spot just outside the front door and is considering a second career in motivational speaking.

Brent Sass and his lead dog Silver.

Brent Sass and his lead dog Silver.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this video, and story.. I did know of the stories, but never have seen the video. What a AWESOME person Brent is, and AWESOME TEAM he has….Yes, and Silver… I got to meet him this year, and yes, do they ever, have a true connection between each other.. Brent 2014, this IS YOUR RACE!!! GO BRENT GO!!!! BELIEVE!!!!

  2. Mark and Carol Rickman  |  

    Brent and Silver are the epitome of good sportsmanship! What wonderful role models for kids and adults! We can’t wait until Silver goes on his motivational speaking tour. We were luck enough to meet Brent last year at the iditarod when Mark was his iditarider.

  3. This is a wonderful compilation and tribute to Brent’s sportsmanship and character. He inspires us all, even those of us all grown up! And only such a remarkable person could have a dog such as Silver! A-team both of them. To quote a great man, “Attitude is Everything”!

  4. These stories brought tears to my eyes. This is only my second year as an armchair musher and I think it is Brent’s time to win., so go team Wild & Free, be safe and be the winner!!!

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