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Close your eyes and imagine the classic idea of a road trip. Along with visions of highway and gas stations, most of us will probably picture crazy, kitschy roadside attractions. Giant fiberglass dinosaurs, the World’s Largest What-Have-You, classic Americana collections and live bug... Read more

"Are we there yet?" If you're on a road trip with your family, this question will inevitably arise from the backseat of your car. Unlike road trips in the Lower 48, a drive to Alaska will cross vast stretches of uninhabited wilderness. While adults will revel in the... Read more

In March and April of 2013, my wife and I spent three incredible weeks exploring the many hot springs found along our Northern Adventure Tours road trip route between eastern Washington and Alaska. This was the final stretch of a 9,000 mile, three-month journey across ten states, two... Read more

A drive to Alaska crosses breathtaking country filled with wilderness, wildlife and adventure.  Proper preparation for a unique highway journey, especially when driving to Alaska, is critical to completing the drive safely and successfully.  Here are our suggestions for the ten most... Read more

Musher Brent Sass of Wild and Free Kennels has earned a reputation as the epitome of sportsmanship in the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race. Since his initial run in the 2006 Yukon Quest 300, Brent – and his legendary lead dog Silver – have saved the day numerous... Read more

1. Nelson, British Columbia | Population: 10,200 Nelson is an up-and-coming outdoor Mecca situated on the picturesque shores of Kootenay Lake, one of the largest lakes in British Columbia. From its origins as a mining and logging center, Melson has grown into a fun, funky... Read more

Many consider the various series of northern highways that lead travelers to and from Alaska, including the famous Alaska Highway, to be some of the last wild roads in North America. While recent years have seen the roads paved and modest visitor services have sprung up along the route,... Read more

While many roadtrip enthusiasts dream of driving to Alaska, few contemplate the return trip. A road trip beginning in Alaska and ending in the Lower 48 is a great way to see the amazing sights and spectacular wildlife associated with driving in Alaska and northern Canada. In early summer,... Read more

From the early days of the automobile, Americans and Canadians have craved the open road – celebrating the wide-open places and adventure inevitably found in small towns, country highways and roadside haunts. Whether we got our kicks on Route 66, reigned as King of the Road or just went... Read more

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